Monday, January 10, 2005

New Year's, Cake, and -25

Bake more fact start with one and then bake more.

In a nutshell, that is my New Year's resolution. Concise, tangible, and beautifully edible.

"Myron, have you NEVER baked a cake?" you might now be asking.

Well those who know of my public schooling, also know that Home Ec was offered from grades 7-9. Surely cake was one of the lesson plans. If you did indeed venture down this little path of reason, you would almost have been correct in assuming I had baked at least one cake before this year. Almost correct...

Jim, Angelo, Jeremy Plett and I were a cooking group, and yes baking a cake was one of the tasks set before us. One member cracked the eggs, another measured the flour, and somebody else probably poured the milk. I did none of these things. No, I was busy cutting up pieces of eraser to imbed in the batter of the neighbouring group's cake.

I did not learn to bake a cake that day, but rather I had the pleasure of watching the other cooking group chew into futility, eat a great piece of cake made by my group, and at the end of the day earn a whopping -25%.

Anyway, in the fashion of Gladys Friesen, I baked a chocolate cake this week and topped it with whipped cream.

This evening i baked another.

Have a nice evening, I'm off to eat cake. Oh... I almost other resolution was to shed a few pounds.




Blogger Angelo said...

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of returning to the scene of our many dalliances with the culinary arts (pushing the definition of the term, I realize) when our extended family gathered in the Home Ec room of the Morris school, for reasons that aren't abundantly clear to me, to celebrate Christmas . Just being there felt, somehow, illicit. And as I stood in the end kitchen in a row of four, I had to fight the urge to project spoonfuls of cranberry sauce over the countertops into the adjoinging kitchens.

I'm always amazed at which events in our collective history stand out in my friends' reminiscences, and the eraser cake was one that I hadn't thought of in a very long time. In my mind's eye I can still see you avidly dicing that Pink Pearl.

11:32 AM

Blogger Jeremy said...

I love the internet. Where else could this virtual conversation take place for others to enjoy?

12:08 PM


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