Saturday, January 08, 2005

I Refuse to Label my Kid

Elijah TV
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I have been quite critical of schools that are very quick to categorize students. Whether it is ADD, ADHD, IAS, Behaviourly Challenged, or any other 'syndrome of the year', I have seen too many educators leap at the opportunity to brand a student in order to make up for the fact they as a professional teacher seem unable to make a connection.

My anti-labelling position has come in handy this week. I have decided to remain consistent in my approach and NOT declare that I have a defiant child. As a FTP (first time parent), yesterday I received my baptism in having my wishes absolutely neglected by my 9.5 month old son. Elijah has discovered the buttons on the TV and enjoys pressing them. This activity has become far more entertaining since he realised that we do not want him touching the buttons. He now bolts for the TV at nearly every opportunity, crawling as fast as he can and awaiting the voice of disapproval. As soon as we make a sound he speeds up, starts to giggle, and gives a shoulder check in anticipation that he will be picked up.

Yesterday I decided to let him get to the buttons while I grabbed my camera. The photo seen here is his signature facial expression should he be successful in getting to the TV. As Tracey aptly pointed out the other day, he is not necessarily doing it because he's not allowed, instead he is simply seeking attention. Yes...that's it attention - a perfect explanation. Stay tuned for this excuse with his first run-in with the police.


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