Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Great beer discovery

I know that many who grew up in mennonite prairie towns consider beer to be the elixir of the devil, a drink best consumed in abundance down some dirt road in the dark. Yes, I too grew tired of the regular drunk guys showing up at the outdoor rink slurring and puking, but I have been able to move past these images and really enjoy beer.

Anyway, part of this blog will be a critique of beers from time to time. This week I sampled Holsten Festbock and was thoroughly impressed. At 7% it is considered a strong beer, but it did not have the powerful aftertaste oftten associated with these types. Served in a 500ml can, the size is perfect for the evenings where one beer is too few, and two would just be a little much.

Anyway, try it out if you like a dark beer and let me know what you think.


Blogger Heather said...

Myron, your blog cracks me up. I sit behind my half-wall here at work, and I'm sure those passing by find my outright chuckling a little odd! Thanks for the story about your "eraser cake". I too have great memories from the Home Ec. room, however, Tracy Friesen (now Dueck) and I were partners, and our goal was only complete perfection in the kitchen. We did, however, do our share of saboutaging. I'm definately sharing this one with my hubby. He'll love it.

7:12 AM

Blogger Jeremy said...

I'm a convert -- that Holsten was truly fantastic. Or was it just because they were part of the whole camp-iron experience?

3:39 PM


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