Tuesday, May 03, 2005

sign of insanity

wall in backyard
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I am sure some out there are wondering what project we are tackling this year. Well here it is...the rock wall. This is how far it is in the back yard. Now we will focus on the front yard so that we can plant grass on the other half of our yard.

It is really slow work, but tanglible.


Blogger Jeremy said...

Isn't this the kind of toil they force prisoners to do in authoritarian regimes?

7:12 AM

Blogger Myron said...

What is it called if it is self-imposed?

9:44 AM

Blogger Jeremy said...

The term is self-flagellation -- usually in reference to sinners forcing themselves through painful and pointless rituals to cleanse themselves of guilt.

I'll look into getting you a hair shirt for Christmas next year.

10:13 PM


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