Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"If it doesn't hurt you haven't cleaned up."

I have started building shelves in the crawl space at our house ihn order to arrange all of our 'stuff' down there. Many times I have been reminded of my dad's words when deciding what to throw out and what to keep: "If it doesn't hurt you haven't cleaned up."

I took this to heart and decided to endure some pain.

Items on the hit list:

- All of my National Geographics ( I called Jeremy H. and Ryan P. just to let them know that they would bnevenr again have to lift those #$@% boxes)

- About 50 cardboard boxes we were storing to use the next time we moved.

- an old sword of no value

There are some things that are escaping my memory, but to be sure there will be more items going to the dump, and if I am cleaning up, more pain to endure.

editor's note: Just in case some peopleget all bent out of shape about Myron getting rid of his cherished magazines (!!!), I donated them to Summerland Secondary.


Blogger Tannis said...

I got a good laugh out of your dads maxim but mostly because I thought you meant physical pain at first. I always hurt myself when I'm cleaning/sorting and a crawlspace experience has plenty of potential for that, particularly if it involves heavy boxes.

8:18 PM


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