Saturday, January 08, 2005

9/11 Question

Over the Christmas break I was having a drink with a few friends, people who seem pretty keen on the latest news, and I asked them if they recall hearing anything about the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Nope. I asked if thhey had any clear recollection of seeing photos or footage of this plane or the wreckage. Nope. They asked why I was asking and I simply said that I had thought about it recently and wondered why we seldom hear about that part oof thhe 9/11 attack.

Fast forward to today...

I visit a certain surplus clothing store in Kelowna occasionaly and today was one of those times. Shortly into my visit with the shop's owner, he asked me, "Do you ever wonder about the plane that supposedly hit thhe Pentagon on 9/11?"

"Yes! I was just talking about that to some one the other day!" was my response. so happens that a number of people are wondering about that plane.

A number of websites exist where people in the know concering planes, engines, and crash sites are asking some pretty important questions. Here is one I found today. along with this site.

It just seems odd to me that a plane slams into the heart of the US defense administration, and we hardly ever hear of it, revisit the casualties issue, or see updates on the repairs. Is there going to be a monument placed at that crash site?
Maybe an airliner never hit the Pentagon, and if not then a major lie has been passed onto the American public. No...a lie that big cannot occur without an outcry.

I think I am going to do a little more investigating on this one. Oh...I just remembered something Adolf Hitler once wrote: How lucky rulers are that people do not think.


Blogger Rosster said...

I do recall at the time of the attacks sctatching my head a bit after seeing a news report where they overlayed an outline of the plane on the crash site. It took a lot of imagination to make the two fit??? I think it would take a lot of skill to make a direct hit at that speed despite the size of the building...who knows

Good Hitler quote. He was evil...but certainly not dumb !!
I'll provide you with a personal example. At the start of the US invasion of Iraq, my wife's uncle (from Alberta....)sent a mass email imploring us to give Bush our support on the grounds that he claimed to be a Christian...and that was it...No other reasons provided. It constantly amazes me that people will follow leaders with outright devotion and never question.

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