Wednesday, March 21, 2007

O Canada

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Every one of our hockey games must now start with the singing of O Canada. Once the song is over, I am supposed to say, "Hi this is Bob Cole, along with Harry Neil. Welcome to Hockey Night In Canada." (or something to that effect)

Our hockey experience continues to be much less about the game, but rather a distinct focus on what it looks like. Elijah watches intently how the real players drink from their water bottles, dry off their faces, and clear snow from the goal crease. Unfortunately he observes most closely how they fight.

We do get around to playing eventually, but even then Elijah will be in the goalie stance and will be so busy making himself appear to be a goalie that he completely ignores the puck/ball. At least I am getting better at hitting him in the pads, blocker or glove to give him the sensation of the 'big save'


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