Friday, December 15, 2006

Floor hockey

elijah hockey shot
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Elijah had discovered the wonderful world of 'taking shots'. If left to his own devices, he would play floor hockey in the shed for many hours a day.

I will sound like a 'hockey-dad' in the making, but I have been surprised at the heat he is getting on some of his shots. I purchased a full set of street hockey goalie pads, glove, helmet, and blocker, so Elijah has a large taget at which to shoot.

Jer and his girls have been out a few times and he took some really good pics a while back. I will try to get my hands on a few of them to post.

movie screen

movie screen
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This is the screen we used to show the outdoor movie. Ivy and Jer are helping put it up.

Outdoor Theatre

movie kids
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This photo should have been placed on the blog a while ago. The outdoor movie we hosted here in August was one of the best events of the summer.

On a warm evening we had about 10 kids over here, parents included, and showed Madagascar on a series of bedsheets strewn between two trees. As the movie evening transpired, it just had the distinct aura of it being 'a really good thing'.

There will be a sequel next summer.