Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Last Screw

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Tracey appeased me on this one and agreed to go and get the camera as the last screw of the roof was being installed. I was overwhelmed with a distinct sense of relief when the roof was finally completed. I am estimating that the roof stage took about 50-60 hours, and most of this duration involved a strong mixture of nerves, perseverance and patience. Considering that the roof was an 8/12 pitch, the risk of sliding off was always present, especially once the metal sheets were installed. I was tethered for the most risky moments.

To install the ridge cap, we made a wooden ladder that slid along the roof wherever it was needed. Once it was lined up with our work area, we attached it with short boards braced to the rough facia. This can be seen in the photo if you look closely.

The entire roof stage was made much easier by the scaffolding and walkways that we constructed. I have to admit that I learned a lesson on this project. To spend time building a decent walkway near the roof line was not a waste of time. Once in place the work was much faster and easier. Not least of all, I am more effective when I am able to avoid visiting the hospital. With the peak of the roof 28 feet off the ground and the roof edge nearly 16 feet above the earth, a fall would not have been forgiving.


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