Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy 60th Birthdays!

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Mom and Dad on the waterfront in Penticton. We went to a great restaurant situated on Lake Okanagan.


Blogger Pearl said...

Happy 60th to your folks, Myron. We don't have a connection with them in Wpg, so are passing the wish on through you. We found Penticton a lovely place to celebrate a 60th as well this year. By the way, that is an impressive shed, and you would have done your grandpa proud seeing you having a barn raising bee!

8:58 PM

Blogger Myron said...

Thanks, I will pass it on to them.

I have thought of my Gramdpa numerous times during this project. Especially during the roof section, with the work being quite slow, tedious,a nd isolated, it iis a good time to think and reflect.

I have heard people speak of a project taking on dimensions that are almost...well...spiritual in a way. I think that is the time I think of him most.

11:23 PM


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