Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Summerland Community Page

Recently I have spent a little bit of time at a site developed by my friend Jeremy. He has started a blog where concerned citizens of Summerland can share ideas
and thoughts on the recent devlopments - i.e. the golf course proposal and town jurisdiction expansion. I have made a recent post on it concerning the parallels I see to the Faulder water issues. Check out the Summerlanders' community site here.

Teaching and Language - The Apple Experience

I have been helping my neighbour Marilynn discover all there is to learn in the wonderful world of computing, or at least what little I know. She bought an Apple G5 recently and is making incredible progress for someone who up until recently had little understanding of computers. Incidentally, this is a great computer on which to learn.

It has also been an intersting experience in teaching. Trying to convey computer ideas to a person not familiar with computer language is certainly a challenge. Marilynn is very intelligent, but it struck me how relient I was on using computer terms (window, logon, open, site, online, click) and how these terms are definitely not literal translations to the "real world".

Anyway, she is well on her way to using iPhoto, iTunes, Appleworks, and a variety of other programs.

"If it doesn't hurt you haven't cleaned up."

I have started building shelves in the crawl space at our house ihn order to arrange all of our 'stuff' down there. Many times I have been reminded of my dad's words when deciding what to throw out and what to keep: "If it doesn't hurt you haven't cleaned up."

I took this to heart and decided to endure some pain.

Items on the hit list:

- All of my National Geographics ( I called Jeremy H. and Ryan P. just to let them know that they would bnevenr again have to lift those #$@% boxes)

- About 50 cardboard boxes we were storing to use the next time we moved.

- an old sword of no value

There are some things that are escaping my memory, but to be sure there will be more items going to the dump, and if I am cleaning up, more pain to endure.

editor's note: Just in case some peopleget all bent out of shape about Myron getting rid of his cherished magazines (!!!), I donated them to Summerland Secondary.