Friday, March 23, 2007

Tackle Hide-and-Seek

I don't think it was Sloane's first choice of activities this morning, but that seemed irrelevant. One second we were playing hide-and-seek and the next moment people were being subjected to full body tackles. I think we created a new game!

This afternoon we might play Full Body Contact Reading.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hockey Action

Stay-At-Home Dad

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This week Tracey has gone into work, so I am the 'supervising adult'. Over the last two days I have gained a whole new appreciation for what Tracey has accomplished in the last 8 months.

I have decidedto keep a bit of a journal ove the next few days to highlight our major events.

Today, 8 am:

Elijah has decided that "gates" are located throughout our house. He closes them arbitrarily and then gets exasperated when anyone walks through 'the gate' without unlocking and opening it with the customery sound of a key click.

8: 10 am Sloane filled her pants big time, and after seemed really content. Who wouldn't?

8:25 Sloane was getting aggitated with little to do while I loaded a few photos onto this blog, so I decided to give her the small beach ball. She was stoked about holding the ball until Elijah apprehended it. I informed Elijah that he was to return the ball to Sloane immediately. He placed it just out of her reach. With coaxing he eventually placed it back on her lap.

8:27 I had a bright idea. I suggested to Elijah that he play catch with Sloane. He then placed the ball about three feet in front of her and proceeded to kick the ball quite hard. It drilled he straight in the face. Perhaps to a three-year old "catch" and "soccer" are similar.

8:28-8:32 consoling Sloane

9:00 am Elijah gets a nose bleed and I spend 10 minutes explaining how a little Vaseline up the nose might help him out. (I have experience in these matters)

9: 19 I help Elijah put on his goalie pads.

9:20 I sing Oh Canada for the third time this morning and we proceed to play hockey

9:22 We take shots.

9:23 I take off Elijah's goalie pads.

stay tuned

elijah in net

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O Canada

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Every one of our hockey games must now start with the singing of O Canada. Once the song is over, I am supposed to say, "Hi this is Bob Cole, along with Harry Neil. Welcome to Hockey Night In Canada." (or something to that effect)

Our hockey experience continues to be much less about the game, but rather a distinct focus on what it looks like. Elijah watches intently how the real players drink from their water bottles, dry off their faces, and clear snow from the goal crease. Unfortunately he observes most closely how they fight.

We do get around to playing eventually, but even then Elijah will be in the goalie stance and will be so busy making himself appear to be a goalie that he completely ignores the puck/ball. At least I am getting better at hitting him in the pads, blocker or glove to give him the sensation of the 'big save'

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Elijah and Tracey on GT snowracer

We have been getting huge dumps of snow this year, and we have been taking advantage of it. Here Tracey and Elijah are taking our new luge course on the GT snowracer.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Floor hockey

elijah hockey shot
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Elijah had discovered the wonderful world of 'taking shots'. If left to his own devices, he would play floor hockey in the shed for many hours a day.

I will sound like a 'hockey-dad' in the making, but I have been surprised at the heat he is getting on some of his shots. I purchased a full set of street hockey goalie pads, glove, helmet, and blocker, so Elijah has a large taget at which to shoot.

Jer and his girls have been out a few times and he took some really good pics a while back. I will try to get my hands on a few of them to post.

movie screen

movie screen
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This is the screen we used to show the outdoor movie. Ivy and Jer are helping put it up.

Outdoor Theatre

movie kids
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This photo should have been placed on the blog a while ago. The outdoor movie we hosted here in August was one of the best events of the summer.

On a warm evening we had about 10 kids over here, parents included, and showed Madagascar on a series of bedsheets strewn between two trees. As the movie evening transpired, it just had the distinct aura of it being 'a really good thing'.

There will be a sequel next summer.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


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We set up a little studio in the living room and snapped a few shots. This is one of my favorites from the group of photos taken. We tried to get a shot of both Elijah and Sloane sleeping side-by-side, but it was a disaster - Elijah kept waking up. With a very slow shutter speed and no flash, these shots only work if the subject is motionless. We might try a tandem shot one of these evenings, but tonight was a 'Sloane only' endevour. The hand in the photo is Tracey's.

Monday, June 26, 2006


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Her she is at one day old. I think I caught the hint of a smile on this one. I did not know I had this shot until I got home and downloaded the pictures.

Sloane's Foot

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I'm here!

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At 11:44 am PST, June 25, 2006, Sloane Elizabeth entered the world.

She was, and is, very healthy. It is incredibly exciting and will usher in a new chapter for us.

Elijah seemed a little shell-shocked in the hospital, as there were a lot of people around and I am sure he sensed that a big event had occured. That said, he was quite intrigued with the whole idea that he had a little sister. He went to his toybox and selected his play rings to give to her.

More pictures will follow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

T-30 minutes

T-30 minutes
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This shot was taken about 20 minutes before Tracey entered the OR. It just seemed to capture a moment.

Friday, June 23, 2006

In full swing

eli swing
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Tracey took this shot with her new camera the other day and I liked it.

baby soon

baby soon
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Now that is one fine belly.

We went down to the park the other day with Jer, Tan and the girls and I took this belly shot to document the moment.

This might be about as big as it gets, as we are getting really close.

Stay tuned for the next pics as they might include a new arrival.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Last Screw

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Tracey appeased me on this one and agreed to go and get the camera as the last screw of the roof was being installed. I was overwhelmed with a distinct sense of relief when the roof was finally completed. I am estimating that the roof stage took about 50-60 hours, and most of this duration involved a strong mixture of nerves, perseverance and patience. Considering that the roof was an 8/12 pitch, the risk of sliding off was always present, especially once the metal sheets were installed. I was tethered for the most risky moments.

To install the ridge cap, we made a wooden ladder that slid along the roof wherever it was needed. Once it was lined up with our work area, we attached it with short boards braced to the rough facia. This can be seen in the photo if you look closely.

The entire roof stage was made much easier by the scaffolding and walkways that we constructed. I have to admit that I learned a lesson on this project. To spend time building a decent walkway near the roof line was not a waste of time. Once in place the work was much faster and easier. Not least of all, I am more effective when I am able to avoid visiting the hospital. With the peak of the roof 28 feet off the ground and the roof edge nearly 16 feet above the earth, a fall would not have been forgiving.

First Fire

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This past weekend we had our first bonfire of the year. Jer, Tan, Ivy and Ella came down and we made camp irons and wisked the evening away chatting around the fire.

On this particular evening, we the parents had the first glimpse of what might be around the corner. For about half an hour, the three kids played with each other and allowed the adults to actually converse. They have certainly played together before, but never for this type of sustained period with so little intervention from parents required. This may sound pathetic, but anyone who has dealt with toddlers will understand.


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Here is another angle of the roof last Sunday. The weather was perfect for the week and half or so I needed to complete the roof. This particular morning was simply gorgeous. By mid-day however, it was getting really warm on the metal roof.

Shed roof

Shed roof II
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Here is a photo taken about a week ago. It shows the roof half sheeted and the other half consisting of 1 by 4 strapping every 16 inches.

Monday, May 15, 2006


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We are considering a hair cut for Elijah one of these days.